Affiliate Marketing-How to Choose a Niche

Affiliate Marketing-How to Choose a Niche

Choosing the Right Niche for Your Blog

Whether you have been an affiliate marketer for quite some time or are just getting started, one of the first roadblocks will most likely be deciding on a niche. Should you choose narrow or broad? Should you choose a niche that you know nothing about? Hopefully this post will give you some insight.

Competitive Niches-Should They Be Avoided?

When it comes to choosing a niche, most experts will tell you not to be too broad. They will tell you to drill down to a niche so specific there will be little competition. Here is an example:

    • Dog toys – broad
    • Rubber dog toys – less broad
    • Rubber dog toys that squeak – narrow

Using the above example, common sense says that you will never rank on page one of Google for the term dog toys, have a better (but still unlikely) chance of ranking for rubber dog toys and a pretty good chance with rubber dog toys that squeak.

So does that mean you should create a whole website around such a narrow niche? Some say you should. But many, including myself disagree.

In my post about those who fail to make money online I mentioned the importance of blogging often, especially in the first three months. Do you really think you can come up with 50 blog posts about rubber dog toys that squeak?niche blog

Probably not.

When you limit yourself to such a narrow niche you are limiting traffic as well. At this writing it shows that rubber dog toys that squeak has very little competition but gets just 72 visitors a month. Hardly worth creating a whole niche blog around.

However, definitely worth writing a blog post about!

Because if you have a blog in a broad niche and each of your blog posts are narrowed down then you have a much better chance at ranking well.

Sure that only gets 72 visitors a month. But what if you had dozens of posts that  are low traffic but low competition? Over time those visitors would really add up!

See what I am getting at? Go ahead and pick a broad niche for your blog. Then, for each blog post you can drill down for long tail keywords (keyword phrases with 3 or more words). This will give you plenty of options for future blog posts.

And do you know what? It wouldn’t hurt to write some blog posts that are broad as well. Remember, Google loves quality content, and the more you are offering your visitors the more Google will value your site, which could help you rank better in the long run (even for those high competition keywords).

The Importance of Keywords

Are keywords important? Sure they are. But the fact is, the more on topic you are with your post the more you are going to be using all kinds of keywords (and related keywords) without even trying.

I write a lot of blog posts without even giving a thought to keywords. I figure if I win the respect of Google with plenty of quality content then most, if not all of my posts should rank fairly well over time. After all, Google knows what they want. The rest of us are just trying to figure out their ever changing algorithm :).

So go ahead, pick a broad niche then start drilling down within your niche for different types of keywords. Some of your posts can target very long tail keywords while others can be more broad.

This blog is a perfect example. In the past I never would have thought to create a work at home blog (the old me would have said too much competition). However, I do feel that I have a thing or two to share about both affiliate marketing and freelance writing. So I narrowed down the niche a little bit but not so much that I have nothing to talk about. I also chose to combine affiliate marketing and freelance writing into one blog because they are two business models that actually complement each other.

I suppose I could have even done a very general work at home blog but for me personally, I only wanted to focus on what I know works for me.

And that brings us to the next question…

Should you choose a niche that you know nothing about?

Well that depends on you.

Choosing a Niche You are Comfortable With

In the beginning, your safest bet would probably be to choose a niche that you know a lot about, or at the very least a niche that you find interesting. Because lets face it. You have enough on your plate when you are just getting started, such as learning the whole process of setting up your blog, optimizing it and adding affiliate links.

Blogging about something that you know a little something about, or at least have an interest in will make the process much easier (and dare I say, a little fun?).

Many affiliate marketers will expand into unknown niches as they build more niche blogs. That’s because after a while they are more comfortable with the whole blogging process and perhaps more comfortable with writing and researching as well. Other bloggers will take some of their profits and simply hire writers for niches that they are not familiar with.

That’s the beauty of being your own boss! The more money you make the more work you can afford to outsource (and the more work for freelance writers as well). It really is a win-win for everyone!

I hope this clears up any questions that you may have about choosing a niche. I do want to point out that it really isn’t an exact science. If it were then all of our blogs would be successful 100% of the time!

I am sure that many experts in affiliate marketing disagree with my way of thinking. However, there are also plenty who think the way that I do.

The good news is, as you get going you will figure it out. You will learn all sorts of tricks and tips and start getting a real feel for what does and doesn’t work in affiliate marketing.

To Your Success!
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