Freelance Writing-How Many Bloggers Get Their Start

Freelance Writing-How Many Bloggers Get Their Start

From Freelance Writer to Successful Blogger

Did you know that a lot of successful bloggers got their start online as freelance writers? For me, it was the opposite. I started blogging and then shortly after, started writing for various sites to supplement my income. However, if I would have started with freelance writing first I believe blogging would have been a lot easier for me when I was just getting started in affiliate marketing.

How Writing for Pay Can Help You Succeed With Your Own Blogs

One stumbling block that most bloggers entail is the large amount of content they will need to see their blog because successful. A good rule of thumb would be to have at least 50 posts on your blog after three months. This would mean a post about every other day (give or take). And if all goes as planned, you will have a nicely established blog and you can cut back on how often you post.

This may sound daunting but it all goes back to this:

The more you do it, the easier it gets!

This is why freelance writing is a great way to get started. You can really hone your writing skills so that when you are ready to start blogging you will have the most difficult part down pat.

Because when it comes right down to it. A successful blog is a blog that engages your readers. Because your readers will not only come back often, they will also share your blog with others!

Another nice thing about freelance writing for clients is you end up with plenty of ideas for your own niches. Soon you will notice the types of subjects that you enjoy learning more about as well as those that really don’t hold your interest (and luckily, with freelance writing you don’t have to take those kinds of jobs, remember, you are your own boss).

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How I Stumbled Onto Freelance Writing

I actually stumbled onto freelance writing back in 2008 shortly after going through my first blogging course. In the forums I learned about a site called eHow which allowed members to write “how to” articles and share the revenue with them. The pay was not immediate, meaning we did not earn per article. However, it was a great way to earn residual income since the most popular articles would earn over and over.

Unfortunately, eHow decided to change their format and got rid of their revenue sharing program. As much as I hated seeing it end, it was still a great experience for me because I not only made money but also saw improvement over time in my own writing skills. I learned that the more articles I wrote the better and faster I got at it.

This is in spite of the fact that English was actually my least favorite subject in high school. But practice makes perfect!  And if you are a serious about earning money with your own blogs then it really helps to be able to write your own blog posts until you can actually afford to hire freelance writers of your own. And what better way to practice then by writing for others. This allows you to make immediate money until your blogs start producing revenue.

Writing articles for clients means that you will get plenty of practice with not only your writing skills but your research skills as well. You wont make a lot of money at first, but as you build up a reputation with clients you will be able to command higher rates. You will also find that you will get a lot of repeat business. In fact, you may even find that you have more jobs than you can handle and end up turning down work!

As you build your skills as a freelance writer you will also find that it is easier to create your own niche blogs. When choosing a profitable niche for your blog it really helps to have a lot of knowledge about the niche or enough interest in it that you are willing to do the research. Freelance writing for clients will really help you perfect your research skills.

Freelance Writing Just Not Your Thing?

But what if your ultimate goal is not to be a writer? What if all you want to do is earn affiliate income through blogging? That’s the beauty of working for yourself. You get to decide when to cut back on freelance writing and just concentrate on your own blogs.

At first you might want to do both for a while since freelance writing will give you immediate income where blogging takes time.

But soon, as your blogs take off and you start earning money you can cut back or even quit freelance writing altogether. You may even find that you can afford to hire writers of your own!

For me, I do very little freelance writing these days, although I do have a client that I enjoy writing for so I continue from time to time. I also outsource work for one of my blogs, which is in a niche that I personally find too technical to write about. As for the rest of my blogs I do my own writing because:

1) I tend to be very picky (I often end up tweaking articles that I have paid someone else to write for me).
2) I don’t want my writing skills to get rusty.
3) I really enjoy writing and researching things that I am passionate about!

How to Get Started as a Freelance Writer

If you are a beginner then there are plenty of sites to get started on as a freelance writer. iWriter offers plenty of writing jobs but the pay starts out very low. However, it is also easy to get accepted there and if you look at it as more of a training site then you can advance quickly and start making really good money (tip, only accept jobs from clients with a high acceptance rate, at least 70%). Other sites you can check into are Textbroker and Upwork (formerly known as Odesk).

My Free Gift to You

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How to Make Money as an Online Freelancer
How to Make Money as an Online Freelancer

Who Else Wants to Work at Home, Make their Own Hours, and Get Paid to Do Exactly What They Love?

Either way, I hope you enjoy the guide. It really will answer a lot of questions about how to get started with freelance writing. And even if you choose not to take that path it may lead you to other ideas for working from home as well!

To your success!
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