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Income Steps Academy by Sara Young

When it comes to working online, most of us start by following what the so called “gurus” are doing. But soon you start will start to figure out who is full of hype and who has really made an impact on you. Sara Young, creator of Income Steps Academy is one of those successful internet marketers who has made a huge impact on me.

About Sara Young

Sara Young is the mother of 7 who has been very successful online for well over a decade. She wanted to figure out a way to stay home with her children and through trial and error, she became  a very successful internet marketer.income steps academy course

Sara is a super affiliate who also creates courses that teach her methods for making a good living online. Sara offers the type of step by step training that is beneficial for both beginners and experienced alike.

I started following Sara a few years ago when she offered a course called Easy Paycheck Formula, which at the time used web 2.0 sites for building residual income through affiliate marketing. And while it was a great course, Income Steps Academy goes beyond that with step by step training for building your own blogs, monetizing them and driving targeted traffic to them for both immediate and passive income.

Within weeks of joining Sara’s previous course I made decent commissions and have been one of her loyal students ever since. So naturally, when Sara came out with Income Steps Academy I was excited to get on board and try it for myself.

Web 2.0 sites are a great way to get your affiliate links out there and earn commissions. However, with these sites constantly changing it really isn’t a good long term strategy. For example, Squidoo was once a great site for earning affiliate income. However, since Squidoo no longer exists (they were bought out by HubPages) those who relied on them for affiliate income ended up having to start from scratch. That’s why it is important to start building your own sites, which you can monetize and start earning immediate income with, and Sara will show you how. step by step. But setting up your own blog is just a one component of what Income Steps Academy is all about.

income steps academy review

How to Earn Both Immediate and Residual Income Online in 2015

Income Steps Academy will teach you what it takes to make money online in 2015 and beyond. Her methods work. I know this because I earned immediate income the day I started. Is this get rich quick? Of course not. But after you make that first dollar with her course, and keep following her training it only gets better.

Make Money on Demand

I have been following the steps outlined by Sara and just as she promised, I made immediate money using her strategies. And not only that, those who are completely new to working online were proud to announce that they made their first dollar ever online with her course as well!

Now a dollar may not sound like a lot, but once you can prove to yourself that you can make your first dollar then that’s when the magic happens and it keeps building from there. I personally earned just under $100 within the first few weeks of her course and at this writing I am only about half way through it.

What I like about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to recruit people or try to sell to friends and family. And the really cool thing is that the work you put into it now can really set you up for a lucrative income down the road.

Affiliate marketing can be tricky though. However, Sara’s methods actually teaches you how to make money upfront while at the same time build your own blogs that will set you up for passive income. In other words, the work you do now will continue to pay off over and over.

income steps academy

Income Steps Academy Offers Four Levels

The course offers four levels, and each level has different modules to teach you step by step through a serious of short yet thorough videos. Level One actually has to do with writing online for pay. Now if writing does not appeal to you that is okay because if you prefer, you can skip right to level two, which is earning both immediate and passive income through blogging.

I was actually planning to skip over level one because I wanted to get right to the blogging. However, I had a change of heart. I recommend starting right at the beginning because overall because if you follow each level then you will see how they can all work together to help build a strong foundation in affiliate marketing.

Level one is actually good training for becoming an effective blogger. So even if you decide not to write online for pay I highly suggest that you go through the level one training anyway for great tips on writing fast and effective blog posts.
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Work at Your Own Pace

Another nice thing about Income Steps Academy is that you can go at your own pace. I just completed level two, which is setting up a blog and earning affiliate commissions through various sites like Amazon. And if you happen to live in a state that does not offer the Amazon affiliate program that’s okay too because Sara gives plenty of other options. I have made money in both level one and level two.

I have now moved on to level three, and since I have already made money in the first two levels I am really excited to see how much further this takes me (I can also refer back to the other levels when needed).

Keyword Research Sara’s Way

Sara also does a great job teaching how to do keyword research. In fact, Sara actually thinks differently about keywords and competition. A lot of affiliate marketing experts will tell you to only go after keywords with low competition. However, Sara’s way of thinking is that competition is a good thing and there is good money to be earned in those niches. Her training will teach you how to earn money in highly competitive niches.

For Beginners and Experienced Alike

ISA is also very newbie friendly, however those who have been in affiliate marketing for a while will also be blown away by the training. I have been in affiliate marketing since 2008 and have taken many courses but I can honestly say that Sara has taught me methods that I never would have considered (such as looking at keyword research in a whole new way). Sara became a super affiliate because she knows her stuff!

Expert Forums and Private Facebook Group for Members

Besides the training you also have access to the expert forums as well as Sara’s private Facebook group. Sara is also very hands on. In fact, often in her videos she says to “please get in touch with me at the help desk if you need anything.”

It isn’t unusual to have access to support when you are taking a course. However, Sara will even help you with questions about keyword research and your niche. This is important because often in affiliate marketing the one thing that can make or break your success is choosing the right niche. However, the creators of these courses often charge extra for “private coaching” to get this kind of advanced help. And private coaching can sometimes cost much more than the course itself!

No More Shiny Objects

Have you ever heard people complain about getting sidetracked by shiny object syndrome? What this means is that you get so caught up in the hype of trying to make money online that you bounce from one thing to another and end up going nowhere. What I like about Sara’s course is that it keeps your attention and makes you want to take action every day.

I know I do.shiny object syndrome I have bought way too many courses over the years that were either boring, way too complicated or simply didn’t deliver what they promised. ISA isn’t like that. Sara knows what she is doing and she wants to help every one of her students succeed. She even offers gifts throughout the course when we reach milestones that will further help you succeed. I have received two of these gifts so far. I can’t reveal what they are, but they were created to help you earn even more money online.

Take just one look at Sara’s course you will see that she put a lot of work into making it just perfect. In fact, it took about a year for her to get the course just right. And because Sara is so thorough, she is constantly producing students who are making an income online for the first time in their lives. In my opinion, the only way you can fail with this course is if you don’t take action.
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  1. Stefan June 16, 2015 at 11:22 pm -

    Hello Judy.
    I am impressed with your review. It’s simple, clean and very informative. And I found your page on the first page of Google. You are real Pro.

  2. Judy June 17, 2015 at 1:35 am -

    Thanks Stefan. I have to admit Sara is a great teacher!

  3. Nate Rio July 27, 2015 at 3:14 pm -

    Nice stuff Judy – how far along on the training are you? I’m just getting through Level 2 and getting some blogs going myself. Good luck to you! Say hi in the FB members area!

    • Judy July 27, 2015 at 3:32 pm -

      Thank you Nate. I am actually in Level 4 but I am always going back through the course for reference. This course works! The other day I had 10 affiliate sales, and 9 came from one of the sites created using this course :).

    • Judy July 27, 2015 at 3:36 pm -

      Thanks Nate. I am towards the end of the course but am always going back through different section as a reference.
      Plus Sara is always adding to it, which is really helpful. 🙂