Income Steps Academy Update

Since it has been well over a month since I have reviewed Income Steps Academy (click here to read my review, it will open in a new window) I have really seen a steady increase in my affiliate sales. And get this, It has been a crazy busy month! With summer vacation, graduation parties and more I have not blogged much at all, yet my sales have been steady. In fact, just yesterday I checked my stats and saw that I made ten affiliate sales, with nine coming from a site that is only a few months old. And today? Another five affiliate sales! Needless to say, Income Steps Academy works if you follow the program.

income steps academy

Seeing a steady increase in affiliate sales with blogs that I have barely touched in over a month motivates me to work even harder! And the fact that most of these sales came from a blog that is only a few months old just goes to show that Income Steps Academy works. And if you follow someone who knows how to make money online and teaches her proven system like Sara does, then you can start earning an immediate income online with affiliate marketing as well.

Following the Income Steps Academy Course

The other day someone asked me just how far I am into the Income Steps Academy course. I have pretty much completed it but will never be 100% done because I am always referring back to different levels in the course from time to time. This is really helpful when starting another blog. It is also helpful that Sara is constantly adding to the course to make it better, as well as adding special bonuses from time to time. In fact, she is always asking her students for feedback because she really does want to help everyone succeed.

Where Will You Be in Six Months?

With affiliate marketing, the time you put in now can set you up for long term residual income.Income Steps Academy has been by far, the best affiliate marketing course that I have ever taken, and if you are tired of struggling to make money online then this course could change all that for you. You  have the option of paying for the course all at once or breaking it down into payments if that is easier on your budget.

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