Market Health Affiliate Program Review

As an affiliate marketer I tend to gravitate towards Amazon for products to promote on my blogs. After all, Amazon offers just about everything you can imagine and you can find pretty much anything to offer in your niche. And you might even end up selling products that aren’t even related to your niche.

For example, if a customer reads a review on one of my blogs that promotes kitchen products, clicks on a link to that product and starts shopping I make money. But even better, Amazon has this way of getting customers interested in other products that they may have not even considered, which of course gives me even more commissions.

Market Health Affiliate Program Review

However, not everyone is able to promote Amazon. Here in the United States there are market health affiliate program reviewsome states that are not allowed to participate. This is when  affiliate marketers who live in these states have to get creative and find other affiliate products to promote. And one good alternative is Market Health.

Even those of you who live in an area where you can promote Amazon products you should still consider Market Health as well to really increase your affiliate earnings.

Here are just a few reasons why I love promoting Market Health Products:

Market Health Offers High Commissions

Most affiliate sites don’t offer anywhere near the 45-50% commissions that Market Health offers. One product that I am promoting on one of my health blogs pays me $45 per sale. If I promoted similar products through other affiliate networks I would only make a few dollars per sale.

Market Health Offers High Conversions

Market Health knows how to create sales pages that convert. If you find a product that you want to promote, write a post around that product and drive targeted traffic to it, then there is a pretty good chance that you are going to see sales. Will every potential customer purchase? Of course not, that’s not how affiliate marketing works. However, with such high commissions even a few sales a week will really add up.

Market Health Offers Recurring Income

Let’s say you create a simple blog that promotes just one product, such as pet vitamins (yes they even offer vitamins for pets). There are plenty of animal lovers out there who want the best for their pets and will actually get on autoship for pet vitamins, which means you would earn off these same customers month after month.

Plenty of Products to Promote

Market Health is perfect for those who have blogs that are centered on health, beauty and weight loss so you might even want to consider creating an affiliate site just to promote Market Health Products. Click here for all the different products available to promote.

Free to Join

It doesn’t cost anything to become an affiliate with Market Health, or most affiliate programs for that matter. This is one more reason why I think affiliate marketing is the perfect internet marketing business model for both beginners and experienced alike.

These are just a few reasons why I think Market Health is such a good affiliate program to sign up with. Remember, affiliate marketing isn’t get rich quick. It will take time to build your blogs and get traffic to them but once you do, you can create a very lucrative long term income.
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Tip: after joining you will be assigned an account manager that you can email if you have any questions about Market Health.

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For Those New to Affiliate Marketing

If you are excited about the idea of promoting affiliate programs like Market Health and Amazon but have no idea how to build a blog and drive traffic to it, then it really does pay to invest in a good, step by step course to get started. And for those more experienced in affiliate marketing, a course that will teach you strategies that you have never considered before can really make a difference in how much you earn as an affiliate marketer.

I am a member of the Income Steps Academy and have found that by following the simple steps laid out, I have seen a real difference in my own affiliate income. You can read my review on the Income Steps Academy by clicking here.