Product Review-What Works Now by Potpiegirl

Over the years I have purchased a lot of tools and training to help me build a steady income in affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of those courses just didn’t suit me. And I am not the only one. Many of us in this industry have purchased products that we didn’t find useful and end up wasting space on our hard drives. However, there are a few marketers that I trust so much that I tend to buy everything they offer, and Jennifer Ledbetter, AKA Potpiegirl is one of them.

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First, a little background on Jennifer. She has been working online since 2007 and is what those who know her would call a “super affiliate”. She is very helpful, down to earth and just plain smart. For as long as I have been doing affiliate marketing, it amazes me that every time she comes out with a new guide she teaches me all kinds of techniques and gives me plenty of ideas that I never would have even considered.

What Works Now E-book

The thing is, the internet is always changing, which means what worked a year ago may not be effective today. Jennifer’s guide will offer affiliates all kinds of ideas for what is working for her now and what she plans to implement in 2016 to get the best affiliate conversions from sites like Amazon.

what works now review

Most of these techniques wont cost you a dime. She does suggest  a few paid products here and there but these are totally optional.

Another thing that I like about this guide is that I can pick and choose what appeals to me. Sure I can implement every single strategy (and believe me they are all very good) or I can slowly implement her strategies across all of my current affiliate sites.

And speaking of testing, that is just one reason why Jennifer is so successful in affiliate marketing. While most of us just want to dig into working online and see immediate results Jennifer is always testing and retesting new ideas and perfecting them until they work. And that alone is a huge time saver for the rest of us who need help.

Is What Works Now Newbie Friendly?

What works Now is perfect for all affiliate marketers, from beginners to advanced. And because Jennifer is always testing things, this e-book is a huge time saver for all affiliate marketers who don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work.

Of course, if you are brand new to affiliate marketing and need to learn the very basics like setting up your first website, then here are some other products that can help you.

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Products for Those Brand New to Affiliate Marketing

If you are a complete newbie, meaning you need help with the very basics such as setting up your first site, then there are two specific products that I like to share that are perfect for getting started.

Income Steps Academy

The first one I have written about on my blog is called Income Steps Academy (click here to read my entire review). The course is by Sara Young, who is another super affiliate, mom of seven and incredibly successful. And like Jennifer she is really helpful and down to earth.

Income Steps Academy is a great course and the step by step tutorials are great for both beginners and advanced. She also offers constant support as well as free webinars to help her students. However, if that one is out of your price range then consider another great course, Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect course for beginners, advanced and everyone in between. You will have access to all kinds of training and tools and even your own website builder (perfect for beginners who just can’t wrap their head around WordPress). And best of all, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free.

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When it comes to just getting started in affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate is worth its weight in gold, which is why it is highly successful. In fact, you will meet all kinds of experts there including Jennifer. The training is top notch and is the perfect tool for anyone who is serious about creating a full time affiliate income.