The One Thing Holding You Back From Making Money Online

In my welcome post I mentioned a phrase known as Shiny Object Syndrome. This is a common phenomenon that, at one time or another, affects most people who are struggling to make money online. If you have been looking for a way to earn money for a while then chances are you Googled a lot of different ways and ended up on the mailing list of dozens of internet marketing gurus.

If this describes you then it wont be long before you start getting tons of emails, and after a while you get really good at catching those “too good to be true” business opportunities. However, there are still some enticing business opportunities and courses that are sure to catch your eye.

Nothing wrong with that right? Especially if it is an offer or a recommendation from a marketer that you highly respect.

But the next thing you know, you are overwhelmed.

Juggling Too Many Projects at Once

The real problem lies with the fact that before you know it, you are trying to juggle too many things at once.

For example, let’s say you chose affiliate marketing to build an online income. You start a juggling too many things at oncehealth blog with the intention of promoting all kinds of products in the health niche. You are all excited but a few weeks into it you start to grow bored because you haven’t made any money yet.

So what do you do?

You look for the next big thing.

And you abandon your blog…

Now maybe you didn’t meant to abandon it. You had every intention of sticking with the blog got caught up in the hype of something new.

Why do we do it? For many reasons. But boredom and desperation both come to mind.

And that’s a shame. Because here’s the thing, when it comes to affiliate marketing, you really have to give your blog at least three months of consistent posting and promoting to start to see a steady income. It’s around this time that Google really starts to notice and bring you lots of organic traffic.

Now some blogs will end up as duds, but usually even the duds end up earning a little money and are worth keeping (hey it all adds up).

And the successful ones can earn you a nice income!

This example is just with affiliate marketing but do you get my point? The fact is, if you keep jumping from one project to another without giving any of them time to grow then all you end up with is less money in your pocket from all those “how to” guides you bought, which are simply collecting dust on your hard drive.

How to Successfully Make Money Online

Lately I have been learning a lot from a successful blogger who has built multiple blogs, with several of them making a few hundred a month. The biggest lesson he taught me is that you have to give a blog time to become established. He generally gives a blog about three months and around 50 posts, sees where he is at traffic wise, and then from there he decides if it is worth moving forward.

If it is starting to make a steady income then he knows it is well established and he can cut back on how often he posts, which allows him to move onto a new project. Then three months later he repeats the process all over again.

And if on occasion the blog isn’t performing as well as he planned he usually finds that it is at least earning something. And every little bit adds up.

Was the under-performing blog a waste of time? Absolutely not! Because the more he does this, the better he gets at getting a feel for what works.

And that can happen to you too!

A few years ago I read  a book from successful online marketer Dennis Becker. This book was simply titled 5 Bucks a Day and I have read it several times to get me in the right mindset. The whole object of the book was to keep you focused on one project until it was consistently earning you $5.00 a day before moving on to the next project.

Now obviously, this is a bit different than the three month blogging plan that I mentioned. However, both strategies have the same goal. And that goal is to keep you focused on a project long enough to see it through.

I will be honest. I tend to get bored and I often have more than one project going on at a time. And that’s okay too, if done correctly. For example, I have been blogging for quite a while now so I tend to actively work on two or three different blogs at once. This works because I have a set schedule and know just what tasks that I want to accomplish each day.

However, if you are just getting started and are still trying to learn the ins and outs of your business model then taking on more than one project at a time will easily overwhelm you.

And often when we get overwhelmed we end up doing nothing!

So just keep this in mind when you start getting Shiny Object Syndrome.

All those shiny objects will most likely be there three months from now.

Are there times when you should break that rule? Maybe.

Maybe someone is having a special offer and you want to get it while the price is still low. Or maybe the offer is very limited.

I actually purchased a course last month from a marketer that I highly trust and respect.

Because sometimes you just gotta trust your instincts!

But even though I bought the course I still stayed focused on my current project. And because her course was related to what I love to do (affiliate marketing) it actually made things easier. Click here if you would like to see my review.

Just keep these things in mind, especially if you are brand new to the whole making money online thing. Believe me when I say, at the beginning it can get really overwhelming.

So go ahead and sign up for those email lists (you can even sign up for my mailing list below). Occasionally you will pick up some great tidbits of information even if you don’t purchase a product. Other times you might sit in on a webinar and decide that while the product is not for you, you still learned a lot.

And some of those emails and webinars can even help you figure out what you don’t want to do.

Just remember, this is all a learning process and it wont always come easy. If it were easy then everyone would be doing it!

Most don’t have the patience. But those who do have a great chance at succeeding!

To your success!

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How to Make Money as an Online Freelancer

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  1. Jill June 22, 2015 at 9:46 pm -

    I just how you feel! But having finally launched my first product ever, dispute all of the setbacks to actually get it out there in the market place…I have to say that perseverance makes a difference. Even if it is simply doing one thing toward perfecting what you want to accomplish each day, you will get there. My husband likes to say, victory is the accumulation of many small successes.